Obligatory year in Review 2017

Before writing this, I re-read my post from 2016. In general, it said that the beginning of 2016 was the worst of our lives between the infertility and my miscarriage, but that the end of 2016 was wonderful because I was pregnant with our rainbow. I went into 2017 thinking it would be the best … Continue reading Obligatory year in Review 2017


10 Months

10 months with a piece of my heart missing. After the progress that I made with my grief in month 9, month 10 seems to feel like I have taken several steps back. We started the month learning that we couldn’t continue with fertility treatments because I had 5-6 cysts on my two ovaries from … Continue reading 10 Months

Doggie drama and the subsequent spiraling

Losing Asher at 32 weeks 5 days was the worst case scenario of my otherwise healthy pregnancy.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but since living the worst case scenario with our son, I go there now with basically everything else.  It has made my hypochondria worse, increased my worry about my loved ones, and … Continue reading Doggie drama and the subsequent spiraling