Still Standing Magazine

Since losing Asher, I have been following Still Standing Magazine.  They have had wonderful posts that have really helped.  They accept guest posts and I submitted one to them.  It was published today.  Please go to their site, read it and the various other articles about our losses and struggles. 🙂 Still Standing Magazine article … Continue reading Still Standing Magazine


4 Months

Today marks 4 months without Asher.  That is 1/3 of a year, 120 days exactly.  How have we gone through 1/3 of a year without him?! I ask myself every month how it has been as long as it has and yet as time goes on, we are going to get further and further away … Continue reading 4 Months


When you lose your child, all you have left are little keepsakes, reminders of them. I’ve found in my discussion with other mothers who have lost a child that they find an item and hold on to it for dear life. Anything that reminds them of the child that they lost. If the item has … Continue reading Keepsakes