January 8, 2018

On December 18, 2017, I had my baseline ultrasound to possibly start a new cycle of injectables.  After the last attempt, I developed about 5 cysts on my ovaries and had to take a month off.  My baseline ultrasound showed that the cysts were gone and we were able to move forward with treatment.  I … Continue reading January 8, 2018


10 Months

10 months with a piece of my heart missing. After the progress that I made with my grief in month 9, month 10 seems to feel like I have taken several steps back. We started the month learning that we couldn’t continue with fertility treatments because I had 5-6 cysts on my two ovaries from … Continue reading 10 Months

Back at it

I started this blog when my life only consisted of struggling with infertility.  I was tired of people’s insensitive comments about our struggle ( “just relax”, “be patient”, “enjoy it”) and I needed a venue to share my thoughts with others.  I needed my feelings about infertility to be shared with those who haven’t experienced … Continue reading Back at it