Happy 1st Birthday, Asher!

Today is the day we have been building to over the past year, Asher's first birthday.  One whole year has passed since we said hello and goodbye to our son.  It's surreal to think that much time has passed.  That is has been a whole year since we last held our son.  Time will never … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday, Asher!



It’s February 1. Does anyone else feel like January was the longest month EVER?! I swear it just drug on. I’m sure my anxiety about February didn’t help the matter, but I feel like the general consensus is that January was freakishly long this year. February. It holds some of the best memories for me … Continue reading February

11 months

Month 11 contained Christmas and New Year’s. Both holidays I just wasn’t into this year, for one obvious reason. The absence of Asher was glaringly obvious. It helped me get through each day to just pretend that everything was normal and privately have my breakdown at home. We spent Christmas day at my in-laws. I … Continue reading 11 months

Doggie drama and the subsequent spiraling

Losing Asher at 32 weeks 5 days was the worst case scenario of my otherwise healthy pregnancy.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but since living the worst case scenario with our son, I go there now with basically everything else.  It has made my hypochondria worse, increased my worry about my loved ones, and … Continue reading Doggie drama and the subsequent spiraling