Mommy and Me

For years I have seen swoon-worthy images pop up on social media of mothers with their children. Usually they start to emerge in May around Mother’s Day and then they linger for a while after.  Each photo was like a little dagger to my broken heart. May 2015 – My heart was broken from months … Continue reading Mommy and Me


Recently, I had a conversation with a mother who shared that she was struggling to conceive a second child.  I told her how sorry I was that she had to go through that struggle.  Her response was “thanks, I am trying to focus on the positive, the fact that I have one child and some people … Continue reading Mixed

Nurses Week 2019

It’s Nurses week again. The one week a year where we take the time to appreciate those who help us immensely in our time of need. Especially now after Senator Maureen Walsh made a statement that nurses “probably play cards”, their dedication needs to be recognized.  Last year I wrote a post thanking all the … Continue reading Nurses Week 2019


I really love our current home.  We have done a lot to it in the 5 years we’ve owned it to make it ours.  If we didn’t get a two for one deal on babies, we probably would still be there for another 5 years.  However, having twins has made me realize our main living … Continue reading Moving