Leaping off the Emotional Cliff

It happened. That moment where parenting is just too much and you have an emotional breakdown. Up until now, I think I've done fairly well with handling the overwhelming moments of raising twins.  I keep it together when two children are crying at me or making that awful toddler whining sound (Seriously, what is THAT?!).  … Continue reading Leaping off the Emotional Cliff

Just Like My Brother

We signed our girls up for Dolly Parton's "Imagination Library".  Each month the girls get a new book (for free) in the mail.  So far they have loved every book they've gotten, asking us to "read again" immediately after finishing it.  (The Little Excavator has been the biggest hit and spurred an obsession with visiting … Continue reading Just Like My Brother

4 years ago

This photo was taken 4 years ago.  Look at us, just a happy couple attending the wedding of friends.  Yes, I wore a NUDE dress WITH white to a wedding, not a WHITE dress.  (The bride wore champagne, so it was no big deal.)  Yes, Hubby had long slicked-back hair.....I really don't know what to … Continue reading 4 years ago


Unless you've been practicing social isolation way before this all started, you should all be aware of the COVID-19 pandemic currently happening.  It's spread is growing and it's been all over the news and social media. I'm the first to admit that initially, I didn't think it was THAT big of a deal.  It was … Continue reading Pandemic

How the Grinch Made My Heart Burst and Break

My favorite time of year has always been the holiday season. I looked forward to watching the usual Christmas movies each year; Rudolph, the Grinch, Christmas Vacation, A Year without a Santa Claus (my husband’s favorite!), White Christmas, etc, but the original Grinch cartoon was always been of my favorites.  Even as a teenager while … Continue reading How the Grinch Made My Heart Burst and Break