Back to the Fertility Doc

After 6 months of trying on our own to give Asher a sibling, I made the decision to go to back to the fertility doctor for help.  Since delivering Asher, my like-clockwork cycles have gone completely haywire and have absolutely no consistency.  So not only, did I lose my son, but because I still had … Continue reading Back to the Fertility Doc



As we all know, newborn babies and their cries are a HUGE trigger for me.  I try to avoid them until they are a few months old (3 months and up), and their cry is less like a freshly born baby.  However, I can't always avoid them out in public, no matter how hard I … Continue reading Newborns

30 day Writing Challenge for Stillbirth Mothers

A fellow blogger, Sanda of Little Heart Tiny Wings, wrote a daily writing challenge for mothers of stillborns.  I have been participating in this challenge in my personal journal, but figured I would post some of the responses here for the whole month because a lot of them have photos (and I love photos!).  I … Continue reading 30 day Writing Challenge for Stillbirth Mothers

6 months

Six months ago, Asher Ray came silently into the world.  Six months ago, was the first and only time I was able to hold my son. Six months ago was the only time I was ever able to kiss my son.  Six months ago I said "hello" and "goodbye" to my child.  Six months ago … Continue reading 6 months


This week has been filled with anxiety for a variety of reasons.  I had a dentist appointment on Thursday, something that always gives me anxiety. I hate the dentist. I’m always afraid they are going to find a cavity and that gritty polish makes me gag. The crunch of it just goes through me. I … Continue reading Anxiety