9 months

Month 9  has been a busy one.  It's been filled with progress.   We flew to California to visit  my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece.  We spent a few days there exploring the Bay area and catching up with family.  I will admit that spending so much consecutive time with a toddler, hurt my heart a little.  … Continue reading 9 months


For the inquiring minds…

Since my last post was about trying to conceive, I figured I would share the results of that trying with you all.  The answer to the question, am I pregnant, is a big, fat, flipping, NO.  Negative once again.  I'm not quite sure why I thought this month would be any different than the last … Continue reading For the inquiring minds…

Back at it

I started this blog when my life only consisted of struggling with infertility.  I was tired of people’s insensitive comments about our struggle ( “just relax”, “be patient”, “enjoy it”) and I needed a venue to share my thoughts with others.  I needed my feelings about infertility to be shared with those who haven’t experienced … Continue reading Back at it


As we all know, newborn babies and their cries are a HUGE trigger for me.  I try to avoid them until they are a few months old (3 months and up), and their cry is less like a freshly born baby.  However, I can't always avoid them out in public, no matter how hard I … Continue reading Newborns