An Open Letter to my First Baby


As you know, you are my first baby.  We brought you home the same day that we officially moved into our house over three years ago (which was a super crazy decision but we couldn’t wait any longer to have you home).   I remember saying to your Daddy, “we are home” after we moved in all of our stuff.  His response was “ no, this isn’t a home yet, we need to go get our baby”. Once we brought you home, I remember watching you run around the house and your father turned to me and said “Now it’s a home.”  🙂


Puppy’s first Christmas 2013.

You are so much more than “just a dog”. Some people may think that is ridiculous, that a dog is just a pet, but you mean so much to us. You really are my child and you will always be my baby.  You are an integral part of our family.  You were the first thing Daddy and I had to take care of, other than ourselves.  

You were there the entire time we struggled to get pregnant.  Every time Mommy had an emotional breakdown (which was on a monthly basis), you were right there, curled up next to me, providing comfort.  On the days that Mommy didn’t want to get out of bed or face the world, you laid there next to me.  On the day Mommy and Daddy didn’t go back to work after learning about our impending miscarriage, you stayed right by our sides as we cried together and licked away our tears.  When Mommy spent her mornings throwing up from morning sickness, you sat next to her barking because you were unhappy about what was happening.  You don’t like seeing Mommy and Daddy in pain and it is obvious by the love you share. img_2930

I know some people get a dog as a pit stop on the way to Babytown and start to ignore their furry children after the baby comes.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people have a child and then suddenly their dog is gone.  Literally, given away.  Please know that you were never just a stop on the way to something better.  You were always wanted.  Your father never had a dog growing up and wanted one desperately.  I had always had a dog and losing our family dog 9 months before we got you, was one of the toughest moments of my life.  I was devastated.  My life felt empty without the love of a furry friend.  You were that love that I wanted and needed in my life.  You were never a place holder until we had a child.  You were something we both wanted.

Now as Mommy and Daddy prepare to bring your little brother into this world, I want to make the following promises to you. 

  • I promise you will never be neglected.  I know that things will change and we will struggle in the beginning with a newborn, but we will always make time for you. 
  • I promise to NEVER give you away, EVER!  I’ve seen people be “forced” to give away their dogs because they become aggressive towards the new baby.  I find that only to be because people neglect their dogs and the dogs start to resent this new thing that took attention away from them.  Mommy and Daddy will never let that happen to you.
  • I promise that you will continue to sleep in our bed and cuddle next to Mommy and Daddy every night.
  • I promise to still get you the special treats from Market on Saturday mornings.
  • I promise you will still be in family photos and to sign your name on cards.
  • I promise to always love you and take care of you. 

My hope is that this baby is “your baby”.  I want you to bond with him and take care of him.  I want to see you sitting next to little brother, watching over him.  I want you to love baby as much as you love Mommy and Daddy.  This baby is not taking your place in our life.  We are not becoming a family of three, we are becoming a family of four.  We are giving you a sibling, a new person to love. I can already see that you are aware of an impending change.  You have started to lay down by my tummy, instead of up by neck like you use to. 


Curled on the rocker in little brother’s room

To some this letter may be ridiculous, to others it may be exactly how they feel about their furry children.  Everyone keeps telling me that you will be so jealous when baby comes and it breaks my heart.  It is a legitimate fear of mine.  I am terrified of becoming one of those people who neglect their dog.  I tell myself that I have always been a dog lover.  To this day, even with friends who have small children, I always acknowledge the dog and give them cuddles and kisses.  I will not allow you to be cast aside just because we have a baby.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you are not “just a dog”, you are my child and you always will be. 

Love you with all my heart, 

Mommy (and Daddy)


This photo had to be shared.  This is my current situation while writing this.  He typically just sits on the edge of the desk and looks out the window.  Spoiled much? 🙂



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