Yesterday we kicked off the 3rd trimester at 28 weeks. Cannot believe how quickly time is passing and that in 3 months, I have to give birth to a baby!!!!  (Still haven’t had my “giving birth” freak out yet but I know it is coming).  This past weekend we finally got his room painted and I feel so much better.  I was having massive anxiety about getting his room together and I just wanted to nest, but couldn’t until it was painted.  Shout out to my Dad who painted the room for his grandson! 

So let’s see, what’s happened in the last 6 weeks since I updated on the whole pregnancy thing.  I had my glucose intolerance test and passed!  I’m going to be completely honest here….IT WAS NOT THAT BAD!!!! Everyone was like “OMG! it’s awful.  I felt so sick to my stomach.”  So I was very apprehensive about it.  The one hour test, not bad at all.  I had lemon-lime flavor.  It basically tasted like a sugary Sprite.  I actually quite enjoyed it.  I occasionally drink soda, so it didn’t bother me.  If you don’t drink soda, I can see how the drink could be a bit much and make you feel sick or be hard to chug down.  Now if I had an awful flavor like grape or something, I may have had a different experience.  It didn’t upset my stomach either. I think because I drink soda, I’m kind of use to some sugary, carbonated drinks. I was just so happy to have passed the first one because the 3 hour fasting one scared me.  It’s the same amount of liquid but with a higher concentration of sugar, so harder to get down in the 5 minute time frame, and you have to fast for the whole test.  (I don’t do well with lack of eating, you can ask my husband.)

My advice for any mommas dreading to have this test:

  1. Do it first thing in the morning!  I know some women who did it in the afternoon after eating and drinking during the day and failed, only to do the 3 hour test and pass. 
  2.  Try not to eat before!  You don’t have to fast for this one but I wasn’t chancing it.  I didn’t eat a meal beforehand. I had a small spoonful of peanut butter to kind of coat my stomach with some protein and that was it. 
  3. Just chug it down!  You have 5 minutes to drink the 10 oz. of liquid.  I just chugged it as fast as possible.  I think if you take your time, the sugary-ness of the drink does start to burn your throat a little.  I experienced the burn when I was finished drinking it.
  4. Bring something to do while you wait.  I crocheted while I sat there and the time passed quickly.
  5. Make your hubby/baby daddy go with you! If you have to go through it, he can at least sit next to you! 🙂

That was probably the most major thing to occur in the last 6 weeks.  I need to get my TDap shot and possibly another Rhogam (sp?) shot since I have a negative blood type.  The doctor tested my blood for antibodies (I think because I just had one when I had my D&C in May?) when I had my glucose test so I will find out the results of that at my appointment next week.  Overall, I feel good.  I have random moments where I’m dizzy but that is to be expected.  He is moving a lot (especially after I nibble on Swedish Fish at work).  Sometimes it startles me because it is so sudden and my whole stomach will move.  It’s weird to see your stomach ripple.  There really is something in there alive and moving around.

We have finally picked a name.  We had it narrowed down to two and I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the one name, even though I knew I needed to.  This weekend we finally just pulled the trigger and made the decision.  He has a name now, which makes it even more real.  In a few months, this little person, with this name, will be ours. 


Probably my favorite picture ever! Furry baby resting on baby bump! 🙂


One thought on “IN THE HOME STRETCH

  1. ourjourneywithpcos says:

    Thanks for the advice on the glucose test. I have to do mine on Monday :/ Unfortunately I didn’t have a choice on the flavor and I’m stuck with orange, so hopefully it won’t be too horrible! It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re pregnant. I totally get it.


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