Preggo Update

We are well into the second trimester at 22 weeks.  The morning sickness finally stopped at 20 weeks, 5 months. (So don’t listen to the women who say it fades after the first trimester!)  Overall, I feel good! Sleep has become a little more evasive for me.  I really need to just man up and order a maternity pillow but I’m being super cheap with the holidays right around the corner.  I have little dizzy spells here and there, but that is to be expected.  The most exciting part is the movement.  He is really moving now.  I can even see it at certain points when he makes a big move.  Certain days he is more active than others but usually at night, I always get lots of movement before bed.  He is a busy little bee in there! 

In the last two weeks, I feel like I have “popped”.  At our gender reveal, I felt like I didn’t look pregnant enough to know the gender of my baby but since then you can definitely tell I’m pregnant.  I no longer look like I am just carrying weight in an unfortunate area.  I look pregnant.  It’s funny to see coworkers who don’t know I’m pregnant look at me and then look at my stomach.  You can tell they are like “ Is she pregnant?!”.  It makes me giggle.  Hubby is happy because I finally feel like I look pregnant enough to use the “expectant mother” parking spaces at certain stores.  He was waiting for that day to just roll up into the front spot.  It’s the simple things in life for him.  I have also fully transitioned to maternity pants.  I was holding out on purchasing jeans but my normal ones were way to uncomfortable and with Black Friday sales, I caved and bought a couple pairs.  I am so much more comfortable now.  I made it as long as I could before caving but I think 5 months is enough.  Time to be comfortable!   

We registered right before Thanksgiving and got to pick out his nursery décor, nautical, of course! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am obsessed with navy and white stripes, anchors, and anything sailor related.  Obvi, that is the theme for our little boys bedroom.  The bedding we picked also has whales on it and Hubby is super excited about them.  He got a little crazy with the theme and registered for anything he saw with whales on it.  It’s amazing to me how these tiny little beings need so much stuff, so much EXPENSIVE stuff!  It’s crazy!    

We still do not have a name for the little guy.  We have three options we are currently throwing around.  My whole thing is I want the name to be slightly unique.  I have a very common name and growing up there were like 10 of us with the same name in school.  I hated it! So I want my son to have a name that 10 other classmates won’t share.  Liam was one of the names we were considering but it is like #4 on the top boys names for 2016, so that’s out!

I am much less anxious now that I can feel him moving around.  It is constant reassurance that he is ok.  The doctor stated everything looked good on our anatomy scan but we need to have another one next week.  He was not cooperative the first time and the Ultrasound tech never got to see his face and complete her checklist.  We don’t have any of the cute profile ultrasound pictures because he was laying with his spine out and face towards my back.  I’m looking forward to seeing him again and hopefully to get to see his little face this time.  Being able to feel him move and focus on preparing the room for him has helped me finally get excited and feel less anxiety.  I can focus on the happy things!


Ignore my messy closet! This was last week.  Bump is starting


One thought on “Preggo Update

  1. rainbowmc says:

    I would totally recommend a maternity pillow. I got mine at around 18 dollars from Baby R us. It was on sale but I think the original price was not too high either. Even though I am not pregnant but it really helps my sleep everyday. Very happy for you that pregnancy is going well. Love the bump

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