It’s a…..

This week we had our anatomy scan.  This was my first time having an external ultrasound or as my husband put it, “the way they do them in the movies”.  We were very excited because we wanted to know the gender since we intended to have a gender reveal to find out with our family and friends over the weekend.

We get there and the tech asked if we wanted to know the gender.  We asked if she could please write it on an envelope because we are doing a gender reveal and want to be surprised.  She said she could do it.  She squirted the goo on my stomach (which was nice and warm, not what I unexpected) and began her scan.  She just moved around running through her list of stuff showing us organs on the baby along the way.  Baby was lying in an uncooperative position so she went to write up part of her report and had me move around to try to get baby to flip.

She came back in and started back up.  Of course, baby didn’t move.  The way it was laying was with its face towards my back and its feet squished up hiding it’s boy/girl parts.  She kept stating there was no way she could even guess on gender because she couldn’t get a glimpse of the area she needed to see.  I was starting to get disappointed.  I know that sometimes people have to come back to have a second scan because baby’s position isn’t always helpful to get all the items on the checklist.  But I was hoping to get the gender because we had a little party already scheduled with everyone.

Then she was hovering around baby’s legs and we saw it start to uncurl them and stretch out (so cool).  It was just enough for her to get a glimpse of the area and she blurted out the gender! We didn’t want to know! It felt so anti-climactic.  I wanted to find out with family by biting into a cupcake and being surprised.  Instead that moment was taken in a split second when she blurted it out and showed us on the screen how she knew the gender.

She told us that we will have to come back because of baby’s position she couldn’t see the face to complete her checklist.  She stressed it didn’t mean there was something wrong with baby, just that she couldn’t see everything she needed to see.  She told me I can clean up (wipe the goo off my stomach) while she goes to finish her report and she will be right back.  She came back in the room about 5 minutes later and said  “I just realized what I did.  You didn’t want to know”.  She said that was the first time she has ever done that (just our luck) and she was really sorry.  Of course, nothing could be done now, so we told her it was ok.  I think she just got so excited to be able to tell since she knew that was what we wanted that she just blurted it out.

Today we had our gender reveal with our family and friends.  Here are a few pictures of the decorations that I made for the party.  Of course, I had to have my fur baby in a “Big Brother” shirt and there was a little “pupcake” on the cake stand for him as well.


We had cupcakes made with the inside filled with the color of the gender.  We had lunch first (much to everyone’s disappointment) and then it was cupcake time.  Hubby said a few words to everyone to thank them for being there when we were struggling this past year and for all of their support.  They took their bites together (they had to be pretty big bites) to see that the icing in the middle was…..img_2443


We will be bringing a little boy into the world!  We are very excited.  It was a good day spent with family and friends.  Even though the surprise was slightly ruined for us, seeing all of their reactions was wonderful.



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