Early pregnancy

Now that the cat is out of the bag and we all know I am pregnant. I can talk about my early pregnancy experience and symptoms. This pregnancy was completely unexpected. I had resigned myself to the fact that us having a baby on our own without medical assistance was not going to happen.

I had gotten my first period post D&C on July 4. My second period was expected August 1st. I was late but I really didn’t think anything of it because I expected that I wouldn’t be regular again after all that my body had been through. I asked my friend who suffered a miscarriage herself and had a D&C and she said she was a few days late for a couple months after. So I just kept going about my life. By Saturday, I was 6 days late which seemed a bit much. Hubby wanted me to test but I told him if I do, we are going to the dollar store because I wasn’t paying $7 for a drug store test to tell me I’m not pregnant (that’s how sure I was it wasn’t even a possibility). Hubby was not pleased but he reluctantly stopped at the dollar store so I could purchase my $1 tests. I bought two just to have an extra handy. I went home and took the test. Immediately, two lines formed. I was in complete shock! I had not expected two lines!

I never progressed to an OB with my last pregnancy so I called my fertility doctor the following Monday. They had me come in for bloodwork that day, which confirmed I was pregnant. The next day I went in for an ultrasound. I was 5 weeks and they found the gestational sac at that point. The fertility doctor said he can’t calm our fears but if we have two ultrasounds, two weeks apart with a strong heartbeat, he would consider us “out of the woods” at that point.


5 week ultrasound

We scheduled an appointment for two weeks later. That was the big appointment. We should be able to see baby and hear a heartbeat. Of course, that was the week school started for Hubby so he wasn’t going to be able to make it to that appointment. I had my mom come with me just in case we didn’t get happy news. We did the ultrasound and there was a little peanut and we could see the heartbeat. She let us listen to the heartbeat and it was 138 bpm. I started crying. With our last pregnancy, the heart rate was only 96 bpm and it we weren’t able to hear it. One ultrasound with a strong heartbeat down, one more to go.


7 week ultrasound

Two weeks later we had another ultrasound. This was at 9 weeks 2 days. This one we saw the baby! It looked like a little gummi bear. We could see the heart fluttering and the heart rate was 180 bpm. We met with the doctor afterwards and she told us everything looked “perfect”. I was so happy to hear that word. We never got positive feedback with our last pregnancy. Every appointment was “let’s wait and see”. They discharged us from the practice, set me up with the OB practice I wanted to go to, and gave me a little birth announcement to send to them when Baby arrives.


9 week ultrasound

The four week wait between that last fertility appointment and our first OB appointment was torture. We know from experience that so much can change within a short amount of time. I needed reassurance. I was tempted to pay $60 to go to one of those ultrasound places, just to make sure everything was still ok. But I refrained. I had made it this far, I could wait. All we wanted was to hear the heartbeat again and hear that everything was looking good. The doctor used the Doppler and found the heartbeat right away. Whew! What a relief. And that was when we decided to share with everyone that we were finally pregnant!

I have been pregnant twice now. The first time, not longer than 9 weeks. As someone who struggled with infertility, I would read into every symptom I was experiencing to see if it meant I was pregnant each month. What I learned is that early pregnancy symptoms, are very similar to PMS symptoms. Both times my boobs hurt, I felt bloated, I had cramps, and I was tired. All things I typically feel right before my period. The only sign that I was pregnant, was that I didn’t get my period.

Morning sickness is no joke. I have had it every morning since about 5-6 weeks. If I haven’t gotten physically ill, I have at least gagged multiple times before work. The best was one morning I was eating my breakfast and I said to Hubby, “ I haven’t felt sick at all this morning, that makes me nervous.” I then asked what he wanted to have for dinner and I suggested hot dogs. The mention of the word hot dog caused me to flee my chair and immediately throw up multiple times. We referred to that as my “trigger” word. Brushing my teeth has also become a battle. Something about the toothbrush and the minty toothpaste causes me to gag and sometimes throw up. But I will take it. The morning sickness is a reminder that I am still pregnant. I am finally pregnant. Little Gummi is growing in there and he/she just isn’t a morning person.

As my pregnancy has progressed, my morning sickness has started to dissipate. On the weekends, I’m usually ok, but the early mornings before work are when I throw up or gag. As these symptoms have started to fade, I get more and more nervous that something is wrong. But they all say this is typical, the symptoms fade as you get further into your second trimester, I am currently 16.5 weeks, so it makes sense for them to fade. I’ve started to have some dizzy spells, which is also apparently normal. There is more blood in me and it’s flowing down to the baby so it is typical to get a head rush every so often.

The four week wait between appointments has been agonizing for me. I hate not knowing what is going on and if everything is ok with baby. I’ve become obsessed with my bump. I ask Hubby every day if I have a bump and if it’s growing. He always (grudgingly) reassures me that yes, there is a bump. My neighbor is a Labor & Delivery nurse and she just happens to have a Doppler at home. It has taken all of my might not to go over and ask her to check on the heartbeat for me. I just hate this not knowing. With everything we have been through, I have so much anxiety about something going wrong and the 4 week wait between appointments is not helping.

Our next appointment is this upcoming Tuesday. That is the appointment where we get to schedule our anatomy scan to find out the gender! I have to know what I’m having. There is no way I could just wait and see. We plan on doing a little gender reveal so that we all find out together with our family and friends. I’m hoping once that happens, I can let myself relax. I have refused to buy anything baby related up until this point. No maternity pants (even though my pants don’t button anymore), no belly bands, and nothing baby related. Hopefully, once we know what we are having and have that scan showing everything is ok, I can begin to plan and really let myself get excited.


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