Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I just wanted to take this time to thank you all for your support. I was hesitant to start a blog about our struggle. I had the idea to do it back when we started treatment but was afraid to put it all out there for the world to see. Since I started this blog, the outpouring of support has been amazing. I have gotten tons of positive response and support from friends, old high school classmates, strangers, and family. I’ve had others share their stories of struggle and hope with me. It has truly been amazing and I definitely feel the love!

Several people have told me that they have read my posts and it brings them to tears. They get it. They get what it could feel like to struggle so hard for something you desperately want and can’t seem to have. For a long time, I felt like people just didn’t get it. I felt like no one understood and very alone. I don’t feel that way anymore. Not only did I want to write a blog to help myself and others who were struggling cope, but I wanted to share with those who haven’t struggled what it feels like. I wanted them to get a glimpse of how painful it really is and all of the feelings that one goes through on this journey. By them expressing their emotional reactions to my blog, I know that I’ve done it. They have put themselves into the shoes of someone struggling and can feel what it is like.

Recently I went to dinner with a bunch of my neighbors. On our way to dinner, one of them gave me a card. She said she has been reading my blog and she just wanted to do something for me. I read the card when I got home and it brought me to tears. It was the simplest gesture; just a card with a hand written note inside but it really means a lot. She said how she has been thinking of me and knows it will happen for us. If I ever need anything to just let her know because she is there for me. Now this isn’t the first time I have heard that statement since we started our infertility journey. That simple statement, “ I am here for you if you need anything” is the best thing someone struggling with infertility can hear. Just knowing that there are people who care and are willing to help you in any way, whether that means having some girl time and just trying to forget about it or being a listening ear as you vent about it, is absolutely amazing!

I never imagined myself having a blog and sharing some pretty personal details about my life so publicly. But since starting this blog, I have found it is something I am very passionate about it. I look forward to sitting down and writing a post. I enjoy being able to share a piece of myself with others. I never imagined myself as a writer (if you follow my blog, you are fully aware that my grammar is AWFUL) but writing out my thoughts/opinions/feelings on this subject has been extremely cathartic. My friend told me that as she reads my posts she can “hear” me. She finds herself laughing and smiling at parts because they are so me. It’s exactly what was I hoping for. I wanted people to get a sense of me and who I am, get to know my personality and my humor. I like to consider myself a very positive person but I lost that during our struggle. I became very pessimistic, withdrawn, and angry (which I still feel from time to time) but I can feel myself coming back. This blog and all of you have helped me find my positive attitude again.

So I want to thank you all (and you know who are) for all of the love and support. Thank you for reading my blog and learning more about the struggle. Thank you for sharing my blog with others who are on a similar path. Thank you for reaching out and letting me know you care. Thank you for sharing your stories of struggle with me. Thank you for supporting me as I talk about something others keep private so publicly. Thank you for listening. I appreciate all of the love and support and I am so thankful to have such amazing people in my life. Love you all!


Such a simple card but it means so much! (Side note: I don’t drink I have an almost allergic reaction to it, but I love Shirley Temples!)


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