Another doctor appointment

Monday I had another doctor appointment. This one was for a progesterone level and ovary check. The Clomid can cause cysts so they check me monthly to be sure I don’t have any. I got to speak to the doctor and discuss our plan of attack in case this month doesn’t work.

Earlier this month I had an ultrasound done that showed that my left side (of course) had a couple of follicles on it, one of which measured 26 mm (18mm is mature). My right side had one follicle that was 18 mm. After the ultrasound, I always meet with the doctor to discuss the results and plan of attack. This time I met with the older, male doctor. He explained the results to me and then further explained the issue of my left tube to me. Basically, he told me that my tube is clearly open (the HSG showed there are not any blockages in the tube) however, the dye did “pool” in an area on my left tube. It could mean there is some scar tissue there or it could just mean that is the way my tube is. He advised that if I’m not pregnant this month, we do the exploratory laparoscopy since they don’t know what is going on with that left tube. If it is scar tissue, they can remove it. If it isn’t scar tissue, well then I just had exploratory surgery for the fun of it.

Flash forward to my appointment today. I had the young, female doctor. She advised that the current protocol of Clomid and FSH gives us a 30% chance of getting pregnant. If this month doesn’t work, we can complete this protocol another 2 months , which would give us a 90% chance of getting pregnant in the three months of following that protocol. Now I know that does not mean I am 90% guaranteed to get pregnant in three months. Each month, I still will only have a 30% chance of it working (normal chance of natural pregnancy is only 20% chance, even though it seems like it is 100% for some people). I asked her about the surgery that the male doctor advised. She explained to me that he is a little older and more of the mindset that surgery will help. She advised that in his day they performed a lot of surgeries that did help patients. She stated that now she feels the more effective route is IVF. I asked if I had the surgery, if they could harvest eggs in case I decided to do IVF (then I would avoid another procedure). Of course, that isn’t an option. They are two very different and separate procedures. If I had the exploratory laparoscopy, I would have to be intubated for the surgery (really not a fan of that), miss at least a week of work to recover, and it may not do anything. She said in a perfect world if insurance covered IVF, she would advise me to continue on our current protocol and then move on to that. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover any of it. I then asked the doctor if there was anything wrong with my right ovary. Did we feel it was a lazy ovary? Or that there was something wrong with it and that is why we were so concerned about the left tube? She told me there is nothing wrong with the right ovary. It is producing follicles and last month even had a mature one. After this appointment, I felt a lot better. I asked a lot of questions that I had wanted to ask but never really had the opportunity to.

I discussed it with the hubs. Neither one of us thought the laparoscopy would be such an invasive procedure. I imagined it would be more like when I had my wisdom teeth out, a little MAC anesthesia and that was it. It may be a simple surgery but it isn’t a simple in-and –out procedure like I thought it would be. Based on that we decided that if I’m not pregnant this month (and fingers crossed we are), we would continue on the same protocol for the next two months until we have exhausted all options other than IVF. At that point, we will take a break. We will explore or other options; adoption or IVF, and see which one we are most comfortable to move forward with.

I feel better knowing that we have a plan. My hopes are that we will finally be pregnant this month and that these plans won’t ever have to be deployed. But ruling out the laparoscopy has relieved a huge weight from my shoulders. I really was concerned about having an exploratory surgery that could have absolutely no benefit to our struggle. The doctor telling me I would be intubated and miss at least a week of work, was the tipping point. It is not worth it. If I wasn’t starting to be more open to the idea of IVF then maybe I would give it a shot. Since I am not completely ruling out IVF, it isn’t worth the risk of having to be put under twice, and that one of those times could turn out to be purely experimental.


One thought on “Another doctor appointment

  1. iwannabeamommy2 says:

    I think what is most important about your post is that we really need to do research and ask for other opinions and then advocate for ourselves! Just because one doctor says something, doesn’t mean it is always the best choice for us. I’ms o glad you spoke with the young female doctor for a second opinion. Wishing you the best this cycle!

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