I remember in high school I had  a friend who got migraines and when she had one she wouldn’t come to school.  I use to think, “ Geez they are just a bad headache, why isn’t she at school?”.  When I started to get migraines back in college, I knew why she wasn’t in school.  They are extremely hard to deal with and still function normally.  The worst one I ever had was about a month before our wedding.  I had tried on my wedding dress the day before and only had one 16 oz bottle of water, THE ENTIRE DAY (I know really bad.  I am vigilant about drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day now.).  The next day I was hit with the most awful migraine.  It was so bad that I thought I was having a stroke.  I knew what I wanted to say in my head but it was literally coming out all jumbled and slurred.  I napped, woke up after a couple hours and was fine.  It was super scary though.  After that experience, I decided it was time to go to a doctor (keep in mind, I was terrified of needles up until a couple months ago so I avoided doctors like the plague).  They gave me a prescription for sumatriptan (Imitrex).  You take it when you feel the onset of a migraine (my initial symptom is the aura) and it is supposed to shorten the duration of the migraine.  It definitely works at knocking it out and blocking the headache pain but it makes me feel super nauseous.  It also feels kind of weird because it is a blood vessel constrictor and I can almost feel it constricting my blood vessels.  Needless to say, I take my pill and immediately go to bed to try and sleep through the migraine and side effects of my medication.  It usually works.

Of course, this medication cannot be taken when pregnant.  Of course, I don’t know if I am pregnant  (and won’t for another week or so) but I don’t want to risk it.  Of course, you also can’t take ibuprofen when pregnant (which is the only pain reliever that works for me).  So I was left with Tylenol. : /  It is not the most effective for me.   I came home last night and immediately got the aura.  I took some Tylenol and tried to sleep it off.  I slept for about an hour and then felt better.  I got up and started to make dinner because I was hungry. The symptoms started to return.  My vision was affected and I had numbness in my hand (I was trying to cut tomatoes and totally sliced my finger because I couldn’t feel what I was gripping).  I felt nauseous, so I finished making dinner and put myself back to bed at 7:30.  I slept through the whole night and woke up with no head pain (besides the residual dull throbbing that occurs when I make sudden head movements and lasts for about a day after a migraine).


Do you see the giant slice in my finger?! LOL

I’ve heard varying stories about migraines and pregnancy.  My friend suffers from them as well but when she was pregnant, she didn’t get any headaches.  My other friend, who is recently pregnant, has said that she has had quite a few migraines since she found out she was expecting.  The pregnancy hormones can affect everyone differently.  Obviously, one of the first things I thought to myself was, “maybe this means I am pregnant”.  Who knows? We only did IUI 5 days ago, it takes about 6-10 days for an embryo to implant so it mostly doesn’t meant that.  It was probably stress related (I am hosting Easter for the first time with both sets of parents this year!) or maybe I was just “due” for one (I usually get about two a year).  Only time will tell if it was an early pregnancy symptom or just another one of my regular, old migraines.


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