You know you are dealing with infertility when…


  • Other people’s pregnancy announcements make you cry.
  • Hearing the word “relax” angers you.
  • Hearing people complain about their kids, you think “you don’t know lucky you are”.
  • Walking past the baby section in any store makes you tear up.
  • Hearing a child say “Hi Daddy!” literally makes you lose your  s**t  in Ikea! (true story, this actually happened to me in the middle of the Ikea cafeteria)
  • Pregnant people start popping up everywhere! You can’t escape them!
  • Talking about making a baby becomes clinical and sterile.
  • “Trying” becomes work.
  • You overcome your fear of needles after having to have blood taken a billion times.
  • You no longer say “when we have kids” but “if we have kids”.
  • You breakdown monthly when Aunt Flow arrives.
  • You delete the Pinterest board you had for your future children.
  • Seeing photos of people’s babies make you happy and simultaneously jealous.
  • Social media becomes your worst nightmare (avoid Facebook at all costs!).
  • You pray daily for God to provide you with a child.
  • You go through cycles of bitterness.
  • You seriously start to consider getting a second dog ( I go back and forth on this all the time!).
  • You have an app on your phone to track your monthly cycle (even though it has done jack to actually help you determine anything).
  • You have a secret “infertility” board on Pinterest (we all know you do… I do!)
  • Your closest friends and family know all about the status of your uterus and your husband’s swimmers.
  • A simple diaper commercial can reduce you to tears. (Damn you, Johnson & Johnson!)
  • Your annual bonus gets announced at work and your first thought is “that will pay for a lot of fertility appointments”.
  • When a pregnant person complains about morning sickness, you scream “STFU” in your head! (At least it means you are pregnant!)
  • You have to un-follow any Pinterest board involving children.
  • Your refrigerator has a shelf dedicated to your inject-able fertility meds.
  • Your husband doubles as a nurse and learns how to give you injections.
  • Your abdomen is bloated, bruised, and sore from the injections and hormones.
  • Each month (as hard as you try not to) you hope for the best. “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”




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